Sofa Chicago

I will be exhibiting some work at Sofa Chicago again this year, with Flow Gallery.  Click here to find out more about the fair. This year I have made 4 flower pieces.  And here they are.

I love paper flowers and really enjoyed making these.  For some reason they always make me think of the song ‘Good Year for the Roses’ by Elvis Costello (click here to see the video).  I’m not quite sure why, but that is always going through my head when I make flower pieces.


Sun Flower (Chrysanthemum) – this feels like a very sunny flower to me © Claire Brewster 2014


By the sea (stocks) – the sea always makes me happy – © Claire Brewster 2014


Too Much Rainfall (Hydrangea) – enough said – © Claire Brewster 2014


It’s a long way to fall (Hydrangea) – this reminds me of Autumn – © Claire Brewster 2014


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