Japan – Maison Hermes

On the Sunday in Tokyo we decided to go and see some art. After consulting the guide book we decided to head over to the Ginza area of Tokyo. Ginza is a shopping area filled with designer shops. Our destination was Maison Hermes, which is on top of the Hermes shop in Ginza.

We hadn’t really checked what was on and arrived to discover there was an exhibition by Tsuneko Taniuchi called Micro Events.  The idea of the exhibition was that on 6 days Tsuneko Taniuchi plays the roles of six women, inhabiting them.  On the 7th day she returns to herself and exchanges objects she has created as the 6 women with members of the audience. You can see more here (though it is in Japanese) or here.

We pitched up not know this was going on and didn’t really have anything to exchange, and then the BF suggested we exchange a box of Pocky that we had bought on the way. I chose a photo that she took when she was inhabiting the role of the boxer.

Tsuneko was very lovely and we had a great chat with her. She lives and works in Paris.

I love these kind of encounters that happen when you are travelling, somehow, being in a foreign places makes you more open, or it does me anyway.


Here’s a photo of us showing off our new possessions.


This is my gift from Tsuneko


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