Hybirds – my brass birds


Here are my Hybirds. There are 3 of them at the moment, Pigeonhawk, Sparrowhawk, Hummingcrow.  They are made from acid etched brass.  This is a process where a resist is painted onto a sheet of brass and then the brass is placed in a bath of acid and the acid cuts away the metal.

And the final result is rather beautiful don’t you think? I am a little bit in love with their shiny goldness.

These were on display recently at Pitfield London, in my exhibition Nature Morte – Rethinking Still Life (click here to read about it).  I have now framed some up and they are looking amazing.  They will be a limited edition of 20 framed up of each bird.  They are framed in a hand painted black frame and look truly fabulous.

The brass has such a glow about it, I just can’t get enough of it.


Which is your favourite?


These are available in limited edition of 20 each bird at £450 each.

The price includes shipping (within the UK only) and the frame.  So all you will have to do is find the perfect place to hang it.



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