A recent commission – Hey We’re Here

Let me introduce you to my recent commission – ‘Hey We’re Here’.  It’s always exciting to work on a commission for a friend and also when you know where it’s new home is going to be.  The piece was going into a garden office so I took my inspiration from the trees around it and all the little birds that you see darting in and out of the trees and bushes.  They fly so fast, often making lots and lots of noise, sort of saying in bird speech “Hey! I’m here!.  Hence the title of the piece.  I love they way they are all interacting with each other.  They are all wearing the exoctic colours of a geological map, it’s almost like they are calling to each other to admire their colours.

Hey We're Here

Hey We’re Here ©Claire Brewster 2014

I’ve seen the piece in situ and really does finish space, adding some light and movement to the space.  Check out my instagram feed to see a pick, click here.

Check below for more images and you can see even more here.

If you’d like to commission me to make your very own flock then do get in touch I’d love to talk to you, click here to email me



Hey We’re Here ©Claire Brewster 2014


Hey We’re Here ©Claire Brewster 2014


Hey We’re Here ©Claire Brewster 2014


Hey We’re Here ©Claire Brewster 2014


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