Les Arts Decoratifs

The BF and I went on a short trip to Paris recently.  I like to make sure I visit Paris at least once a year.  There is something that I find so inspiring about Paris.  It’s so close, yet so different to London.  We always stay in the Marais area of Paris, which is full of amazing clothes and shoe shops, all very tempting!

When I was in Paris last year I discovered Les Arts Decoratifs, the Museum of Decorative Arts, though I only had a brief chance to have a look around.  This time I was determined to have a proper look.  The museum is next door to the Louvre, but couldn’t be a more different place to visit.  Where the Louvre is crazy busy the Arts Decoratifs was an oasis of calm.  For much of our visit the BF and I were the only people there.  They have an amazing collection of furniture, glass, ceramics textiles and other decorative objects.  I would heartily recommend a visit if you enjoy looking at decorative objects.

Here are a selection of my favourite things


A very large vase!


Love the display of the glass here, so beautiful


The same here, such an elegant way to display the glass



Love this enamel work


I love this so much, it was very hard to capture in a photo as the lighting was low. It is made from wood and nails – so amazing


This is the same as the woman above, I wish I could have captured it better, I’d seen them in a magazine, so was so excited when I got to see them in the flesh.


Love this light, would like it in my living room


A beautiful view out of the window


Love this ceramic piece

We also visited a beautiful Belle Epoque House, that is run by Les Arts Decoratifs, Maison Nisim de Comondo. This was a house commissioned by a turkish banker in the 17th Arrondissement in Paris. It was a beautiful, sumptuous house, that is amazingly preserved. You weren’t allowed to take photos but I took one sneaky one. You can buy a combined ticket the Musee of Arts Decoratifs and it was definitely worth it.



That was my trip to Les Arts Decoratifs, if you want to find out more information then click here for their website.  Have you been to the museum, what did you think?  What was your favourite piece?



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