It’s not you – A new edition

I’ve been beavering away for what seems like years, but is in reality 3 months on a new, my first in fact, laser cut edition.

It’s been a massive learning curve, and a new way of working, at times very frustrating, but ultimately worth it.  It’s easy to forget how hard it is to work in a new way, stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy but always worth it.  I’ve had to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator (which has been a challenge, thank god for google and online tutorials) and learn about printing and laser cutting.

It has taken way longer than I thought to get to the the edition  finished, you can see images below of the 1st artist proof.

The piece is approximately W 45 cm x H  36 cm and is framed in a gorgeous oak frame.

The cost of this gorgeous piece of work I hear you ask?  £350 and that includes framing and shipping (within UK).  All you have to do is find a spot for it in your home.

To buy one click here.

It is an edition of 30

I’d love to know what you think.  I’m rather pleased with it.  The colours of the map are so vibrant, which really work with the birds that are fluttering and flying amongst some roses.  The detail that you can achieve with laser cutting is  amazing and something I am going to explore more in the future so watch this space.

You can see more images here.




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