Collect Part 2 – Cleo Mussi

One of my favourite things at Collect was the installation by Cleo Mussi.  I have long been an admirer of her work so it was really great to see such a big installation in person.

If you don’t know her work, she is a contemporary mosaic artist who makes large and small scale works usually with a humorous twist.

Here work was exhibited at Collect as part of the projects section, where several artists are given space to exhibit their work.

Here are some photos I took, you can also see a lot more over on her website here.



I love how she incorporates words into the works. I wonder how many hours she spends looking for the right pieces to use.


A slightly blurry close up, you can see what I mean about the attention to detail


I love the leaves on this one.


Here you can see the whole piece.


taps made from teapot spouts – genius


I love the expression of this little fella’s face


And now you can see why the photos are so bad am taking them whilst clutching a glass of wine!


The attention to detail is amazing.  I’m guessing she has a studio full of assorted ceramics and spends  a lot of time scouring charity shops.  There are so many elements in each piece, you could spend hours picking them out.

I’d love to know what you think, do you love them as much as me?





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