Collect 2014

Collect opened last night.  I went along with the lovely Claire Coles to have a look and to see my work there of course.

Here is a selection of my favourite things that I saw there.


The colour of the pot is so beautiful, such an intense red.


I love the shape and pattern on this pot, it looks to tactile, I think I would hug it a lot if I had it at home


A very large pendant


Love the the fragility of this.


This is a huge wall piece, all made out of little bits of wood. So beautiful


Gorgeous ceramics by Hitomi Hosono


Love this necklace, though I think I would frame it rather than wear it.


I love the shape of this, another necklace that I would rather frame than wear


I love this glass vessel, the bright pink really works


Love these ceramics, if you look closely you can see the pattern is made up of people


You can see the faces on this one, so lovely


I love this bunny girl, the sad wistful look on its face. I would love to have this.

Those are a few of my favourite things from Collect, this year.  It’s now ended for 2014 but I’m sure it’ll be back next year.

I’d love to know what you think, did you visit Collect?  What were your favourite things?

In my next post I’ll be posting my absolute favourite work from Collect.



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