The house St Barnabas Cartography Portfolio

Woo whooo I’ve been featured twice in a month on the FT How to Spend It website.  I’m such a huge fan of the How To Spend It website and magazine so  it’s really exciting to have my work featured on their website.  Next stop the magazine!

You can see my first outing on the How To Spend It website by clicking here to view my compelling cartographical work.

My second outing on the How To Spend It website is as part of the House of St Barnabas/House of Fairy Tales Cartography Portfolio.

I was invited to make a piece of work that was included in this portfolio by the House of Fairy Tales.  The commission was to make a piece of work inspired by the imagined landscapes, characters and stories that make up the House of Fairy Tales’ world.

Here’s what How To Spend It have to say about the portfolio:

The Portfolio consists of a collection of 12 artist maps of fantasyland (£3,500 for the set). Each artist has come up with a very personal interpretation. Peter Blake, for example, has created a Rock and Roll Map of America, Rob Ryan has made a characteristically witty but thought-provoking black-and-white screen print Mixing it Up on Good Old Planet Earth, Claire Brewster has produced an exquisitely ethereal mixed-media lithograph on a 1965 map of Alabra Island in the Seychelles, entitled Sweet Dreams, while Susan Stockwell has created the veins of a butterfly’s wings from roads and junctions .

I’ll take ‘exquisitely ethereal’ any day of the week.  In fact you’re going to find me being exquisitely ethereal all over the place from now on.

Click here to read the full article on the FT How to spend it blog.

It’s available to buy from Tag Fine Arts, click here for more information



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