on being inspired by William Morris

I was reading recently that it was William Morris’ 180 birthday.  That got me thinking about how much I’ve been inspired by the work of William Morris, particularly his textile designs.

I love his use of nature in the patterns he designed.  He creates a fantasy world that transforms the interiors that are decorated with his work.  This idea of transformation is the thing that really inspires me. I create works that transform the lives of the viewer, that takes the viewer away from the everyday. William Morris was a master at that and the fact that he did it through the applied arts is even more extraordinary. I visited The Red House last year and you can really feel this idea of transformation there. The house is filled with beauty and love and it really felt like a place that would be amazing to live in. You can read my post by clicking here.

In a very belated celebration of the great WM’s birthday I thought I’d share some of the pieces that I’ve made that have been inspired by him.


A dissection – after William Morris © Claire Brewster 2014

First up a new work, that I have finished recently, so it is hot off the press. It is going to be shown at Collect in May with Flow Gallery. For information about Collect, click here
For more images click here.

Next up

A piece I made for the First Cut exhibition (click here, here and here to see my posts about the exhibition). This piece was made on a Manchester and Liverpool Map, both places that were once industrial heartlands, particularly during the time of the industrial revolution. Morris was very much into the handmade and and craft processes, which is really what fascinates me. Making things by hand is something that really fascinates me, the process is almost as important as the finished item. The sense of jeopardy of taking an antique map and transforming it into something new is what really excites me.

But I digress.


The place in between (Manchester/Liverpool), 2012 © Claire Brewster
67 x 54 cm, ready to hand in a beautiful white box frame £2000

Next, a beautiful piece that combines birds, with leaves. I love the idea capturing birds in the moment, of capturing them as they fly and flutter around in amongst the leaves. Just like when you are sitting next to a tree full of birds.


We are lost somewhere © Claire Brewster 2011
hand cut map of the British Isles. This piece is sold.

And finally a piece on a lovely antique map of the British Isles, combining leaves and hummingbirds.

clairebrewster_humming across countrylr

Humming Across Country © Claire Brewster 2012
Hand cut map of Great Britain, framed in a beautiful white box frame, 69 x 59 cm £2500

Humming Across Country is available to buy from TAG Fine Arts, click here for further information.  For all other works please contact me by clicking here if you have any questions.

Are you inspired by William Morris? Do you have a favourite pattern?  I’d love to hear from you so why not leave a comment below.




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