The wonderful work of Rachel Howard

I’ve been taking a few days off this week for some rest and recuperation and get some new inspiration.  I’d forgotten that that’s part of my job.  I find it very easy to get distracted by all the things that need to be done, there is always something that needs attention. The thing that gets lost and forgotten is getting out and exploring the world.  Exploring is one of my favourite things and sometimes forget that I live in a amazing city that has so much going on just waiting to be explored.  If only I remember to do that more often!

My favourite exhibition that I saw this week, by far was Rachel Howard at Blain Southern.  Her paintings were so beautiful, so ethereal they look like they are moving and that the paint was still wet, as if you touched them the paint would come off on your hands.  I didn’t test this, but I’m sure it wouldn’t!  They had very subtle colour, which also added to the sense of movement.  It’s on until the 22 March, so if you are in London, do pop along.

Just gorgeous.  My favourite of her works were these, that are like lace.



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