Let me introduce to my latest wall sculpture. It’s called Wreath. I made for an exhibition that I am in, called Shadows and Dirt, further information here, the exhibition is in Houston, Texas.

It’s the start of a new type of work for me and I’m very excited to be sharing it. I have been wanting to use a new material for a while, but it took some time to find the right fit. I have now though! I am very excited about the possibilities of metal, in terms of making bigger and more 3-D sculptures.  So watch this space!

This first piece I’ve made is called Wreath, it made up of 30 acid etched brass poppies, displayed like a deconstructed wreath. The poppies are not treated in any way so they will change with time, each one taking on it’s own pattina as they are exposed to the environment.

The theme of the exhibition is War and humanity. I took my inspiration from:

When I was a teenager studying English literature at school, we studied the First World War poets. I found them very affecting, they were full of so much pain, loss, futility and wasted youth. They death and destruction they were about was on an unimaginable scale. My romantic teenage soul was very much affected by the poems we read.

When I was researching my piece for the Shadows and Dirt exhibition, I took my inspiration from those poems. The poppy is forever a symbol of remembrance of those lost to war. If you go to the battlefields in Europe, one of the most poignant sights is the row upon row of graves, each one with a poppy.

And here is a single poppy

poppy 1 copy

I’d love to know what you think of this new departure?  It’s always nerve wracking introducing something new.  I love it so I hope you will too.





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