Venezia – the Arsenale – final post

On our second day of visiting the Biennale we went to the Arsenale. Which is a huge expanses of buildings all filled with art! Most of it is curated exhibition on a theme and there are some national pavillions there too. This year the exhibition was called the Encyclopedic Palace.

It is huge and there is no way you can see it all in so we just dived in. There was some amazing work there and some less so, but overall it was a great exhibition.

The first work we saw was these amazing drawings, they were a bit hard to photograph, but so amazing, apparently drawn with bamboo and ink.


I love this boat, I like the way it is so rustic and hand made.



I’ve always been a big fan of religious objects, so I loved these.



I think this was from Africa, I liked its happy face and I can never get enough of sequins.



I’m not sure if these are big piles of spices or pigments, but they  were very stunning when you first walked in the room the colour was very intense.



This was in the Indonesian Pavilion, they were like really large shadows puppets.  So beautiful, but a little creepy.


This was an amazing piece of work.  We had chatted to some people who mentioned it, and that it was not to be missed and they were right.

The small boat sailed a very short distance, with a group of musicians on board playing a very sad slow piece of music (I probably should know what it is but don’t).

It was a really a lesson in futility and pointlessness, but so beautiful and melancholy.




That’s the end of my Venice posts. I have to say I really enjoyed this trip, it was so inspiring. I can’t wait to go back to the next Biennale in 2015.



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