Veniza – Sara Sze

I think I have to say that the USA pavilion probably my favourite, the French one came a close second, but I couldn’t photograph that. It was an amazing film of someone playing Ravel’s Piano Concerto for left hand – so moving.

I digress, back to the USA. I’m not really one for queuing, really there’s nothing more depressing to me than a queue at an art exhibition, usually I just walk on by. But we were at the Biennale so why not queue! And I’m so glad we did because I wouldn’t have wanted to miss what was in side. I already knew the artist, I had seen a large installation she did at the Victoria Miro gallery in London, so was excited.

It was amazing. I could only capture a fraction of it in photos, there was so much.







Everywhere you looked there was something else to look at. The attention to detail was amazing. I hope you like it as much as I do. If you get a chance to see her work, do it is something to experience.



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