Veniza – The Giardini

On our first day in Venice we headed straight for the Giardini. That was the first part of our Biennale mission. There is so much to see to we hopped on the vaparetto and headed straight there.

The first pavilion we went to was Spain and this is what we saw.


yes a big pile of rubble, by artist Lara Almarcegui, it was really quite amazing. The idea was that she was representing what the pavilion was made of and also what the island that the Giardini was built on. Here’s a close up of the rubble.


Next up was the Netherlands pavilion. I wasn’t so keen on this, but this piece was rather striking, not sure who it’s by as there was no information.


The Russian Pavilion was a little intriguing. There was a room that only ‘ladies’ were allowed into, with an umbrella, where gold coins rained (very intermittently) down on you. And then there was this – a man sat on a leather saddle on a beam and ate peanuts. I didn’t really get that. The artist was Vadim Zakharov.


Then on to the German pavilion, which had a group show by many international artist. There was a really beautiful film by Dayanita Singh and this amazing installation by Ai Weiwei



Next up Egypt. The BF is Egyptian so he was keen to see that one. We didn’t know what to expect, but I have to say it was one of my favourite pavilions. The work was poignant, beautiful and seemed to capture the essence of the country. It was also very dark and difficult to photograph.

I think this sculpture is by Khaled Zaki


Those were my highlights of the Giarini, of course we saw lots more, and I have have another couple of posts planned, one about my favourite artist in the Giardini and one about other general sites. And I haven’t even started on the Arsenale yet! The Biennale is huge!



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