The Orchid – Singapur version

I haven’t been sharing new pieces of work on here much recently so it’s now time to make amends as I have a few new pieces to share.

First up.

The Orchid – Singapur Version

This piece is going off to the Affordable Art Fair in Singapore, with TAG Fine Arts, see full details here.

The sculpture is cut from a street plan of Singapore. The colours of the map are so delicate that they sort of reminded me of an orchid. I love orchids, they look so unreal and serene and they are so sensitive to their surroundings, one little change and they are done for. I can never get enough of visiting hot houses to see all the gorgeous tropical plants and flowers. Orchids are quite hard to turn into paper sculptures, is it because they already look like sculptures I wonder? I’m hoping to do more though.


© Claire Brewster 2013






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