Maison Belle Epoque – the textiles

Following on from my previous post about the Maison Belle Epoque, here is my selection of the textiles that I found inspiring.

They are mostly photos of the carpets, I think I got a bit over excited (I blame it on the champagne!), but they were rather amazing.

An amazing carpet

Love the pink and red combination here


love this colour combination


Conkers, leaves, orange, turquoise the perfect combination


swirly green with pink flowers – what’s not to love


This isn’t an original wallpaper, still it’s got flowers and birds so it’s fine by me.


This beautiful fabric is on some of the chairs. I love the way it is slightly worn, but that only adds to it’s charm

Oh and a I couldn’t resist another couple of images of the amazing plants in the garden.



That’ll be all from me on the Maison Belle Epoque for now. I do hope I get to visit there again before too long.



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