Coda Paper Art – Part 2

As I said in my last post I would share some images of the other works in the exhibition.

Coda had brought together an international group of artists to be part of the exhibition.  Though there were only a few of there for the install.

Meeting the other artists is always one of the best things about installing my work.  It’s always great to get together to share experiences and get to know some new people.

So without further ado here are some images of the other works in the exhibition.

First up – Peter Callesen.  I’m sure he doesn’t need much introduction, his work is so well know.  It was very exciting to get to meet him.

He was showing his piece ‘Transparent God’, which is a large scale sculpture, as ever made from 1 (very large) sheet of paper.  It was interesting to see how the piece was installed.  It is very fragile, so had to very carefully unfurled.  You can see more images on his website.

Next is Li Hongbo, another artist who probably doesn’t need much introduction, his work has been all over the internet, check out this video to see how they are made.  It was fantastic to meet him.  He didn’t speak much English so all communication was through a translator.  His work is just amazing and it was great to get to see some in the flesh.  This piece is called Fairytale World.

Each piece when folded flat is in the shape of a country.  He made a piece for each country.  The countries are all mixed up and he couldn’t remember which piece was which country, although we all asked him of course!

Next up is Alicia Martin, who makes large installations with books.  The books in the installation she made at Coda were all from the library at Coda. The installation was made in a day! You can see more images of her work here.

Next up is Clemens Behr, who made his piece on site as well.  He arrived at the same time as me and made the sculpture on site, it took him 2 and a half days.  His website is here.
Next are a few images of other works in the exhibition, though the artists weren’t there.
I’m not sure who made this as there wasn’t a name tag near it, but I rather liked it’s chunky roughness.
Guggen ‘Dizzy by Mia Wen-Hsuan Liu

Detail of Guggen ‘Dizzy by Mia Wen-Hsuan Liu
Natasha Bowdoin 
I’d love to know if you have a favourite out of these, leave me a comment below to let me know.  If pushed I would  have to say Li Hongbo or Natasha Bowdoin, though I do like the others as well.
That’s all for now cx


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