Coda Paper Art – 2013

I’m back from a fun week in Apeldoorn in The Netherlands installing my work for the Coda Paper Art 2013 exhibition.

It’s always a bit nerve wracking heading off to install a new piece of work in a place you’ve only seen in photos.  Will I have enough birds? Will the walls be ok to pin in? Will the installation work?  These are all the thoughts that go through my mind on the way there.  But that’s also part of the fun of it, the risk element is important, having some unknown variables in the mix is what I enjoy about doing installations.

Here are some photos of the install.

ready to start, all I need is a ladder

The birds are set free for the first time

I start by arranging the birds on the wall, I use washi tape to stick them up
A few more up
Once I have them all arranged I start the pinning, I use normal household pins – All is not lost ©Claire Brewster 2013
Self portrait with birds – All is not lost ©Claire Brewster 2013
Apologies for the quality of the photos, the lighting was very difficult and I was using my phone, which is not the best.  I’m hoping the museum will get some professional images taken and I’ll post those when I can.
I haven’t talked about the other artists yet and will save that for my next post, next week.


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