Hunting and fishing part II

No more taxidermy I promise!  As I mentioned before the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature has a really good contemporary art programme.

I really like the fact that they make interventions in the collection, with contemporary pieces appearing along side the main collection.

Here are some of my favourite pieces.

This was a beautiful video of a horse with a spike attached to it’s head, standing in the rain.  It was very small and very beautiful, the horse looked to sad.

A film about birds, in a cage, there were 3 types of birds, wild ones, one born in the wild then taken into captivity and ones that were born in captivity.  They were left in a cage with the door open.  It was very beautiful to site and watch and see how the birds reacted to the possible freedom.

These drawings were amazing, huge, they filled the stairwell, really lovely.
Owls!  you know how much I love an owl!
Not quite sure what this was meant to represent, but I like it’s presence in the room.
I would love love love to have my work in the museum, that would really be one of my dreams come true.  So I’m putting it out there for the universe to hopefully take note.
What do you think about contemporary art interventions in museums like or love?  Leave me comment below with your thoughts.
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