Resistance if futile

Resistance to the power of flowers if futile.  There is something about how they can cheer you up even on a grey day, it’s hard to be sad looking at flowers.

I’m sitting here writing this as the weather veers between pouring rain and bright sunshine and thought i would share one of my latest works with you.

Winter flowers, they are tulips, cut from an old  Chambers of Commerce Atlas.  The atlas is full of maps showing all the different trade routes.  It is from the 1920’s and you can tell as the whole atlas is very much centred around the British Empire.   I love looking through old atlases, it’s like a window in to a past time.

I know tulips are spring flowers, but somehow the colours of the map made me think of winter.

What flowers do it for you? which ones can’t you resist? Leave me a comment below

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Thanks for reading x


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