Introducing Susie MacMurray

I first saw Susie’s work when I was up in Manchester last year.  The first piece of her work I saw was  this piece

It is quite hard to capture the beauty of the piece in a photograph.  I looks from a distance like it’s made of fur or silk or something very tactile, but when you get up close you realise that it is made of leather and very large, sharp and pointy pins.
I love how the piece is both threatening and beautiful at the same time.
Luckily she had a solo show in London recently, and my lovely friend Val, who is a friend of Susie’s, took me along to the opening.
Here are some of my favourite pieces from the exhibition.

Again I love the tactile quality of the pieces, but when you get up close they not tactile at all, in fact the exact opposite.  If you want to find out more about Susie and what she has coming up check out her website.
Let me know do you like your art work more cuddly or with a bit of an edge like Susie’s work.


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