Cristina Iglesias at the Reina Sofia in Madrid

During my recent trip to Madrid, I visited one of my favourite museums, the Reina Sofia, or to give it its full title, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia.  I love the permanent collection they have, and when I used to live in Madrid I was a regular visitor.  I first saw the work of Bill Viola there and they have the Guernica on permanent display, which is alway powerful and moving to see.

This time they had a solo show by Cristina Iglesias, a Spanish artist.  I was not really familiar with her work so went a long with no expectations and was greatly inspired by the exhibition.  One of the nicest things was that there was no interpretation, apart from titles of the work, just the work to be enjoyed.

Here are some images I took of the exhibition.

This was my favourite piece, I love the colour contrast between the brown and the green and the simple play on perspective.

This reminds me of a church doorway, so very beautiful and simple

Beautiful leaves under water, it was hard to work out what the leaves were made of, but it was very effective the way the water rushed over them

Textured and moulded metal

I love the shadows that the works make, very moody and atmospheric

And me looking moody and atmospheric….

And some moulded metal, it was cast from eucalyptus I think.

Have you seen any great exhibitions recently? I’d love to hear about them, so leave me a comment below.



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