Madrid – my very vague sort of guide

The BF and I were lucky enough to be in Madrid for Easter or Semana Santa (it was thankfully a lot warmer than the UK, though not warm enough!).  We had a lot of fun, ate a lot of amazing food and walked over 30 miles. I have a lot of love for Madrid, I lived there for a year, in the early 90’s (20 years ago eek!), so am always happy to go there for a holiday.

Our trip didn’t really start until we had been to our favourite sherry bar La Venencia for an Oloroso and a Fino and some slices of mojama (air dried tuna).  It’s a very famous place, but don’t be put off, it’s properly Spanish and has great sherry.

As it was Semana Santa,  the saints are taken out for amazing processions around Madrid.  It’s an amazing thing to experience, I will post more later but here is one of the saints all dressed up and ready to go. So many people were out on the streets the atmosphere was amazing, well worth heading to Spain to experience it.

And here’s a lovely butterfly that I saw as we were walking.
A beautiful shop display

Love this display of gloves, though it was hard to photograph because of the light.
This is a slightly more wintery scene than I would have liked!
Next up my post on the Semana Santa processions.
I’d love to hear about your favourite City destinations and any interesting experiences you’ve had during your travels.
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