A very belated post about Art 13

A new art fair took place in London at the beginning of March, which I’m only just getting round to post about.  It was interesting because they had a lot on international galleries particularly from countries that we don’t often see in London.  Here are my favourite works.  I foolishly didn’t write down the artists, must try harder.

The photos a bit blurry, but I couldn’t resist posting, it’s taxidermy and birds, heaven as far as I’m concerned.
An amazing paper sculpture, you could walk through the middle of it.

Love the power and texture of this piece, it’s like an explosion, so beautiful
Love the texture of this, it’s like the paint is crumbling, so many textures going on.
An amazing piece made out of beads, I did’t really capture the beauty of it, but it really was really lovely.
An amazing mozaic, I love the way the artist has subverted the traditional and created something amazing

Couldn’t resist this chap, it’s made from metal.
A skull made from layering maps, good to see some paper art in the show
And finally an amazing piece by El Anatsui.  I first saw his work at the Venice Biennale a few years ago, it’s hard to capture just how amazing and huge his work is and it’s all made from old bottle tops, you can see more of his work here


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