But what does it all mean?

That was a question that an ex of mine used to ask me on a regular basis about my work.  It used to drive me crazy and fill me with dread and gave me a bit of a complex as I’m not sure what it all meant and I’m not sure it’s my job to necessarily explain what it all means.  I am always a bit suspicious of artists that can describe in great detail what their work is about.

For me I want to have an emotional response first and then I might want to find out more details about the work or the artists, but we all bring our own histories to a piece of art and take different meanings from it.

But in these days of blogs and websites and social media telling our story is very important we are told. When I thing about that I hear by ex asking me what it all means and usually freeze in fear, as I don’t know.

But then I realised that I am more interested in making work that is beautiful to look at. Not everyone makes work that is full of meaning.  And then I read this brilliant post on Design for Mankind and realised that I was not alone and should not be afraid to admit my intention in my work, that is to make something beautiful, that people will enjoy looking at, that I am more interested in the emotional connection that people have with my work.  That that’s the message that I want to express rather than


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