Being stuck at Edgware Road Station

I got stuck at Edgware Road Tube station recently.  It was snowing, there were delays on the tube, it was very cold and really I wanted to be in my studio.  Then I looked up and saw this beautiful at work by Jacqueline Poncelet, called Wrapper.  I had read about the the work being installed, but had completely forgotten about it.  What a great treat on a cold and snowy day, it really lifted my mood, even when I found out there were no tubes coming and I had to go back the way I had just come and find a different route to my destination.

London Transport (who run the tube network here in London) have an amazing arts programme, this work is one of the best I’ve seen.  It’s so easy to get lost in your thoughts when travelling around so it’s great to have art that shakes you out of that.

You can read more about the project on the Art on the Underground website. And if you happen to be in Edgware Road, don’t forget to look up.

It was very hard to photograph as it is huge and the only way to get any picture was to stand very close to the edge of the platform, luckily there were no tubes coming (why I was stuck there in the first place!).

And I just read on the Art on the Underground website that she is also doing an installation in Piccadilly tube station, which will be finished in April this year. I can’t wait to see that.


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