London Birds

I’ve posted on here about lots of different works, but I haven’t really talked about themes in my work.

Being a Londoner (I’ve lived here for 25 years so I think I can call myself that) I am more than a little in love with my chosen city.  I know all the criticisms that can be thrown at it, too busy, too many people, too expensive etc. etc. etc. But despite all that, London is great city, with so many opportunities and yes sometimes it gets too much.  It provides much inspiration for me, from all the different nationalities to the amazing parks to the brilliant galleries and exhibitions to the fabulous cocktail bars, there is something to be enjoyed always.

I like to collect old maps and street atlases of London to use in my work.  I often make these as commissions for people, I don’t think I’m the only one that likes to collect London ephemera as these pieces are always very popular.

Here are a selection of London pieces I have made either as a commission or just for fun.


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