Autumn in Amsterdam

The BF and I went on a weekend trip to Amsterdam recently, my first time there and in fact my first time in Netherlands.  We had a great time, it’s a beautiful city, well I only the saw the very central bit.  The canals provide such a beautiful calmness to the place, and the light is amazing (it was quite dark and rainy but it didn’t seem so with all the reflections from the canal.

I got a bit obsessed with all the trees, they were looking so beautiful in their autumnal colours, especially with the brown and grey back drop of the houses along the canal.  I think I drove my BF a bit crazy taking photos of them, but I always think one should go with the inspiration and there were so many beautiful trees!

I’m thinking they will find their way into an art work, I’m not sure how just yet, so watch this space…

This is the edited highlights of the photos, I hope you enjoy!


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