Questions, Questions, Questions – Where do you get your ideas from?

This question was posed by my good friend Kitty Killian. It’s a very good question and a difficult question.  My initial answer is I don’t really know as they appear as thoughts that nag away until I do something about them. But is that really a satisfactory answer?  Probably not so I will go into more detail of the ways I bring the ideas to my mind.

If we take ideas to mean inspiration then they come from all sorts of places, like the lovely postcard above or an exhibition or another artists work or simply something I see when I am walking around.  It’s the filtering process that is interesting, because that is where inspiration becomes ideas that goes on to be translated into a piece of work.

I have certain rituals that I like to go through when I start a new piece or series of works.  I like to look through all the previous drawings I’ve done and pull out any that catch my eye, that might work for what I’m planning do.  I also look through the maps I have and look at ebay and etsy to find new ones.  If I need more stimulation I like to go to the V & A museum or some galleries and look at things.

My work for me is about catching a mood and a moment and trying to represent it. It’s an ethereal thing, which is why nature appeals to me because though we try to understand it, we never really can, something that as you try to grasp it always slips through your fingers

When I look at the birds I see around the streets of London, I always feel like they are looking right through me, which is both intriguing and frustrating.  I need them more than they need me.

I also feel very passionately about bringing more beauty into the world.  When people look at my work, I want them to feel a moment of peace and silence. 

The notion of freedom is something that is important to me, the idea that nature is somehow free, unencumbered by the baggage that we humans feel compelled fill our lives with.

Well I’m not sure if that explains where my ideas come from, but hopefully it gives some idea of what I’m about.


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