The Art of Mapping

I am exhibiting a large installation in The Art of Mapping, and exhibition organised by TAG Fine Arts at The Air Gallery in Mayfair in London.  You can find the full details of the exhibition here .

The installation is called ‘The Harbingers’.  It is a flock of over 60 Sparrows cut from Geological maps of the UK.

Sparrows are generally seen as pests and their numbers have declined rapidly.  They used to be a common site in London, but now are very rare. 

I love them, they are such feisty birds.  They really punch above their weight, taking on much bigger birds in the fight for food and are very cheeky.

They are also very beautiful, their markings are very beautiful.

I cut each bird by hand from old geological maps.  The colours on the maps are amazing.  I wanted highlight the beauty of the sparrows and hope that I can go some way to rehabilitate them and encourage people to see them in a different light.


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