How to install a very large piece of work

I was recently asked to make a very large bird installation for a client.  The frame was 270cm x 140cm, the biggest frame I’ve ever worked with.  It presented quite a few difficulties but as you will see from the finished results it looks amazing. 

Jayhawk, who are specialist art movers got the work in the house and installed it.  It was amazing to watch them go about their work.  It took 4 of them to get the work in.  The piece had to go in by the first floor window as it was too big to go up the stairs. They used a truck with a moving platform raised to its highest height and a ladder on top.  Which sounds a bit haphazard but was very effective.


here it comes

nearly there…

still a bit more to go

its in

 For some reason I didn’t take any pictures of the hanging process, but here is the piece up. 

the finished installation


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