Artists who inspire me – Robert Rauschenberg

I was in Bilbao (Northern Spain) recently and went to the amazing Guggenheim there, where they had an exhibition of work by Robert Rauschenberg.  I  have loved his work for a long time.  When I was at college I discovered a book on him in the library and spent many an hour pouring over it.  He has been one of my biggest inspirations, so it was really exciting to discover some work by him that I hadn’t seen before. The series is called Gluts.  All the pieces are made with found objects that Rauschenberg has put together to create amazingly beautiful sculptures.

You weren’t really meant to take photos but I managed to sneak one in of one of my favourite piece before getting told off by the security guard.

Didn’t manage to get its title but think its amazing.  The idea of taking unwanted and discarded objects is very dear to me so it was great to be in the presence of such a master at it.


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