Metal sculptures

Introducing my installation, A Matter of Life and Death.  It consists of 48 acid etched brass skulls.  They are installed directly onto the wall using 4 brass pins.

This was a piece of work that snuck up on me. I was never intending to make any skulls, but somehow I found myself obsessing about them and spending my evenings when I should have been doing something else drawing skulls.

It all started when I saw an image of a deformed skull in a magazine and coincided with a visit to the Return to El Dorado at the British Museum and I was hooked.  It’s funny how some pieces of work impel you to make them, when you had no idea that you wanted to do it.  I’ve always liked skulls but had never had an inclination to make them before.  But now I have and I love them and am so happy that I did it.  I love the way the brass changes colour as the light changes.  It is almost fluid, one moment looking silver, next black, the next gold.  It is quite astonishing and magical.

They are available for sale at £200 each. For a large installation please contact me.


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