Metal sculptures

When I was a child I made a trip to London with my family to see the Gold of El Dorado Exhibition at the British Museum. It became a rather mythical experience for me. The awe I felt surrounded by all that gold and beauty has been a big influence on me.  I’m fascinated by the mysticism and religious quality of the objects. Gold is a material that has an other world quality that generates passion and obsession. Red Monkey is one of my works inspiration from the mystical semi religious objects unearthed from an archeological dig.

I think of him as a sculptural object, he’s framed in a museum entomology box that is perfect for standing on your mantlepiece or a shelf. Please note it doesn’t have hanging fixtures. If you would like to discuss other framing options please get in touch.

Red Monkey
Acid etched stainless steel, imitation gold leaf, entomology pins, museum entomology box


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