Metal sculptures

I’m happy to introduce my new works, ‘Hybirds’.  They’re made from acid etched brass.  Which means that they’re cut using acid.  This is done by coating a sheet of brass with a material that resists the acid and then it is placed in a bath of acid that cuts through any areas that haven’t been treated with the resist.

Before you start imagining me up to my elbows in acid, I don’t actually do the acid etching myself.  I turn one of my drawings in to a digital drawing and send that off to a company that sends me back a lovely brass bird.  It’s an alchemical process as I’m transforming a simple drawing in to metal.

The birds are hybrid birds, I have transformed 2 birds into a knew breed of bird.  It was interesting seeing what birds worked best.

The 3 birds I have made are

Sparrow Hawk – which is the head and body of a sparrow and the wings and tale of a hawk
Pigeon Hawk – which is a pigeon with the wings of a hawk
Humming crow – which is a crow with the head of a ruby throated humming bird


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