Pigeonhawk ©Claire Brewster 2014

Let me introduce to you Pigeonhawk.  We have a lot of pigeons in London, mostly they are an unloved bunch, they are pretty manky and very annoying if I’m honest.  I was wondering what would happen is through some sort of genetic mutation the pigeon grew some hawks wings.  I think the result is pretty magnificent and turns what are popularly called rats with wings in to majestic birds.

The bird is made by the process of acid etching.  Basically a sheet of brass is painted with a resist and dipped into acid.  The bits that didn’t have resist on them are eaten away by the acid and end result is this beautiful bird.  I don’t do the acid etching myself, no white coats and goggles for me, I make a digital drawing that I send off to a company who then send me back the acid etched bird.

I love the way the brass glows and the patina is has developed.

You can buy this piece framed in a beautiful black frame as an edition of 20 for £500, which includes a lovely black frame and shipping (within the UK).




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