Golden Orchid © Claire Brewster 2014

This is one of my favourite photos from the Personal Territories exhibition. I love the inky blackness and the way the gold catches the light. I love orchids, they seem so fragile yet can survive in amazingly harsh locations. They almost look like animals. I can imagine them moving, or creeping along, something slightly disturbing yet extraordinarily beautiful.

Below you can see some more detailed photos. It’s made from acid etched stainless steel, which I hand gilded with imitation gold leaf. I then used entomology pins to fix it into a museum entomology box. I wanted to create the feeling of something beautiful that has been captured and constrained but might break free at any moment.

It’s 20 x 30 cm and is an edition of 20 and is £495
It’s framed in a museum entomology box and is a sculptural object, perfect for placing on a shelf or mantlepiece. Please contact me to discuss other framing options.

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Golden Orchid photo by Patriceschreyer.com © Claire Brewster 2014


Golden Orchid © Claire Brewster 2014