Hummingcrow ©Claire Brewster 2014

If you saw my exhibition at Pitfield London (read all about it here) you will have seen my new acid etched brass birds.  Hummingcrow is one of them.

The ‘Hummingcrow’ is a combination of 2 of my favourite birds, the Ruby Throated Hummingbird and the Crow. We have a lot of crows (or are they Ravens I’m not sure of the difference do you know?) in London, in fact they are becoming more dominant that pigeons in some ways. I saw one eating a dead pigeon the other day, it’s nature in the raw in my neighbourhood! I have a theory that they are planning to take over the world. I mean they can learn to use tools with their beaks and they look pretty mean, I wouldn’t argue with a crow!  

Anyway I digress back to the combination of the hummingbird and the crow. Somehow the change of the head of the hummingbird for the crow’s head seems quite natural. It almost looks like it could be a real bird. The result is really rather beautiful quite ethereal.

I love the patina of the brass and how it creates depth and the black really shows off the beautiful rich colour of the brass, which is changes colour with light and reflections, it really glows from within.

Hummingcrow is framed in a beautiful hand painted black frame so the brass really stands out and is 41 cm W x 51 cm H. It is £500 (inclusive shipping within the UK) and is an edition of 20.

clairebrewster_hummingcrow_detail3 clairebrewster_hummingcrow_detail1


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