HTML Reference page

There are 6 heading sizes:

h1 is used for the most important title on the page and is considered by Google as the one to reference.

h2 is used for sub-headings

h3 can be used for anything

h4 looks like this

h5 looks like this, all heading styles can be changed in the skin section under the Elegance admin panel.
h6 looks like this. If you’d like to change the sizes or fonts etc of the headings just let me know.

When writing content in the text editor  you would use the paragraph tag represented as <p>Content goes here. You then need to close the tag with </p> (you won’t actually have to apply this normally).

If you don’t use the paragraph bracket then the paragraph style will be applied by default when typing into the visual editor rather than the text editor, see the two tabs at the top right of this box? That’s where you can switch from one view to the other. The visual view will look different to the Preview page and I always recommend using the Preview button on the right, rather than relying on the visual view to see what your work will look like.

When using the text editor to write content you will need to add html code to start new lines (which is what the paragraph tags do, start new paragraphs), so use the the visual editor in all cases except when you need to correct the formatting.

If you switch to the visual view now if you’re not already looking at it, you should see a drop down box at the top left, it will probably be set to paragraph, here you can apply different heading styles either by highlighting the text and choosing a different style, or by setting the style and typing the text. I’ve written a blog post on the whole styling admin panel which you can read here –

Below is an example of short code being used in the visual editor, it will look like code here, but when you press preview or view page you will be able to see the button. Short codes can be put into either the visual or text editor.


Art/Press page image frame examples to copy and paste

Below are the short codes and html for a 3 column layout, I’ve indicated where and which URLs go where so you just need to copy and paste those in. When adding media you may have different settings to the html code below, that’s fine, the most important part is getting the column layout code in the right place, which is why I’ve added two rows.

Title Here

Title Here

Title Here

Title Here

Title Here

Title Here

This looks like a mess in the visual editor, but it will straighten out when you preview it.

If there is anything else you would like added to this page let me know and I’ll set it up for you.