• Clairebrewster Inthepink Detail3

    In The Pink

    In The Pink is another in my series of layered works. This piece is 2 maps layered up. The birds are Great Horned Owls cut from a geological map of Yellowstone Park and are pinned on top of a topographical map cut into trees. This […]

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  • Clairebrewster Maelstrom Detail6

    Carving New Worlds

    The amazing Fern from Great Scott Films made a short film about me, and you can see it above. It’s the strangest thing watching yourself on video. It’s taken some getting used to. I’m glad I have though, as Fern has made such a lovely […]

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  • Clairebrewster Hidinginplainsight Detail2

    Hiding in Plain Sight

    Hiding in Plain Sight is part of my series of layered works. This piece is 3 maps layered up. The birds and tree are cut from separate maps. I then pinned the tree using really short pins and the birds with my normal pins. It […]

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  • Clairebrewster Fromtheearth Detail2

    From The Earth

    This is ‘From The Earth’ one of my series of of layered works. I used 2 maps to create a landscape for the birds. It’s always interesting how works come about, this one happened because I bought a folio of geographical maps that I thought […]

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  • Clairebrewster Areyougoingmyway Detail2

    Are You Going My Way?

    This is a majestic Great Horned Owl which I hand cut from a map showing timber density in Wyoming, to put it into context the red bits are cultivated land, so that’s a lot of timer! I love these timber density maps, a new discovery […]

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  • Clairebrewster Findingmyway Detail1

    Finding my way

    Here’s my lovely red tailed Hawk called ‘Finding My Way’. I love the colours of this map, those greens and browns with a touch of orange, so gorgeous. This piece is part of my solo show, A Conference of Birds, at Diehl Gallery in Jackson […]

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  • Clairebrewster Burningbright Detail2

    Burning Bright

    Burning Bright one of a series of works I’ve made where I’ve layered 2 (or more) maps to create a landscape. These maps are from a portfolio of geological and topographical maps of the Yellowstone National Park. It’s approximately 51 cm wide x 62 cm […]

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  • Clairebrewster Abirdinthehand Detail4

    A bird In The Hand

    A bird In The Hand is another piece for my solo show ‘A Conference of Birds’, click here to see more images. It is based on the idea of the tree of life. It’s a flock of birds hanging out in a tree or are […]

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  • Clairebrewster Allthingsareimpermanent Detail2

    All things are Impermanent

    So excitedly I have the photos of my new work back and I’ll be sharing them with you over the next few weeks. Here’s the first one. All Things Are Impermanent – a flock of hummingbirds cut from a geological map of Wyoming. I love […]

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  • Ab 2016 600

    August Break – well not really

    In previous years I’ve taken a break from blogging in August. It’s always felt a good time to take some time off and recharge the blogging batteries. But this year as I took a lot of time off in June and July and I’m feeling […]

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