• IMG 2382

    Japan – Food

    I’d expected the food to be good in Japan but it far exceeded my expectations. It really was so good.  So many different tastes and flavours, so much fish. I am missing it.  I know that I’ll be back to Japan for the food alone. […]

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  • Clairebrewster Manila22

    Manila Commission #4 the final one

    This is the 4th and final piece of the commission for Manila. It was great to work on a group of 4 pieces around that were based around a similar theme.  Sometimes you just want to get your teeth into a project and having 4 […]

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  • IMG 2311

    Japan part 2 the signage

    I love a bit of signage and in Japanese even the most mundane sign looks pretty cool to my non Japanese eyes.  Here are a few of my favourite signs.

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  • Clairebrewster Manilla2

    Manila Commission #3

    Here is the 3rd piece of the Manilla Commission.  I think this might be my favourite one of the lot.  It is cut from a National Geographic map of the Philippines.  The connection between the leaves and the birds seems to perfect.  I really love […]

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  • IMG 2426

    Japan – Maison Hermes

    On the Sunday in Tokyo we decided to go and see some art. After consulting the guide book we decided to head over to the Ginza area of Tokyo. Ginza is a shopping area filled with designer shops. Our destination was Maison Hermes, which is on […]

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  • Clairebrewster Manila31

    Manilla Commission #2

    Here is the second in the 4 pieces I made for the Manila Hotel.  This piece is a flock of Sunbirds.  They’re one of my favourite birds, mainly because they have sun in their name and I love the sun.  They are also very beautiful […]

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  • IMG 2251


    If you follow me on any kind of social media (and if you don’t why not?!) you’ll know that I was recently in Japan. It was an amazing trip.  My first trip to the Far East. I have been a bit obsessed with Japan since […]

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  • Clairebrewster Manila4

    An exciting new commission – Manila #1

    In those darkest moments when I’m feeling anxious wondering where my next project will come from I try to remind myself that, it’s not my job to worry about that.  My job is to make great work and the rest will come (easier said than done sometimes). […]

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  • Pv Invite Card

    Personal Territories – Save the date 1 Novembr 2014

    I’m very excited to announce my first solo show  in Switzerland.  It’s called ‘Personal Territories’ and will take place in the Chateau de Saint-Saphorin-sur-Morges, which is near Geneva. The exhibition was commissioned by Jorge Canete, who is an amazing interior designer.  Every year he gives […]

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  • IMG 2203

    Blue birds

    Here’s a sneak a peek at a recent commission.  Lots of lovely blue birds.  The piece is going into a Spa in an hotel in Manila.  I’m so excited it’s the first time my work has gone to the SE Asia. Let’s hope there will […]

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