• Pv Invite Card

    A beautiful video for you

    I am very pleased to announce that Jorge Canete, Interior Design Philosophy has won International Interior Designer of the year.  They made this lovely video which wanted to share with you.  I will be exhibiting my work in his apartment this November, you can find […]

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  • IMG 2302

    Japan – some temples

    I saw a couple of temples when I was in Japan.  They are very beautiful spiritual places.  Here are a few photos.

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  • IMG 2437

    The Pinning Process

    I was thinking as I was pinning this piece that I’ve never really shared this part of my process with you. The drawing and cutting get all the attention. But the pinning is just as important as it turns the cut pieces into the finished […]

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  • IMG 2356

    Japan – random things

    There is so much to see as you wander the streets that it’s hard to not go crazy and take photos of everything.  Here are few shots of some random things.

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  • Clairebrewster Hydranger2

    Sofa Chicago

    I will be exhibiting some work at Sofa Chicago again this year, with Flow Gallery.  Click here to find out more about the fair. This year I have made 4 flower pieces.  And here they are. I love paper flowers and really enjoyed making these. […]

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  • Framed Works

    All framed up and looking lovely

    I thought you might like to see some of my acid etching framed up and looking very lovely. The black framed really set them off nicely. I really like they way they look. What do you think?  

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  • IMG 2382

    Japan – Food

    I’d expected the food to be good in Japan but it far exceeded my expectations. It really was so good.  So many different tastes and flavours, so much fish. I am missing it.  I know that I’ll be back to Japan for the food alone. […]

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  • Clairebrewster Manila22

    Manila Commission #4 the final one

    This is the 4th and final piece of the commission for Manila. It was great to work on a group of 4 pieces around that were based around a similar theme.  Sometimes you just want to get your teeth into a project and having 4 […]

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  • IMG 2311

    Japan part 2 the signage

    I love a bit of signage and in Japanese even the most mundane sign looks pretty cool to my non Japanese eyes.  Here are a few of my favourite signs.

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  • Clairebrewster Manilla2

    Manila Commission #3

    Here is the 3rd piece of the Manilla Commission.  I think this might be my favourite one of the lot.  It is cut from a National Geographic map of the Philippines.  The connection between the leaves and the birds seems to perfect.  I really love […]

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