The White Room

The bugs and butterflies are flying freely in this room.

The two works in this room are:

Samurai Beetles: installation of 110 acid etched brass beetles
Beetles and bugs are beautiful but also a little bit scary. One might be ok but lots definitely not ok. These beetles are warriors, wearing their battle patterns with pride and taking over this space.

An Apocalypse of Butterflies: 57 hand cut topographical Maps of Great Britain, pins
The summer of 2011 was a terrible summer in the UK, it rained a lot.  It was an apocalypse for butterflies. I imagined a flock that got away and they named themselves An Apocalypse as a badge of honour of what they survived.


An Apocalypse of Butterflies – photo:


I love the dreamy quality of this photo – photo:


I love the way the light catches the metal – photo:



The bugs are taking over – photo:

Next up the red room.

  1. Holly

    This exhibition is an absolute dream-I desperately wish I could have got to see it in real life. I hugely admire your work, you’ve been a big inspiration to me while I struggle on through with my fine art degree. I just want to say thank you for creating!

    • Claire Brewster
      Claire Brewster11-23-2014

      Hi Holly

      Thank your for your lovely comments. It was a dream. Good luck with your degree. Keep the faith you will get there. x

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