Do you plan or do you wander?

I’m definitely a wanderer when I’m in a museum.  I’m sure it probably drives other people mad, which is why I mostly go to exhibitions on my own.  As I tend to go around really quickly, stopping when I see something I like and when I get to the end go round again.  I don’t try to look at everything, just the things that appeal to me on that day at that moment.

I was recently wandering around the V & A Museum (one of the best museums in London in my opinion) with my parents and we came across these faces.  The V&A has been spending a lot of money of refurbishing it’s galleries over the past few years and whilst I sort of preferred it when it was a bit dark and dusty in places, there has been much improvement.  The area where these heads are is one of the improved bits.

I fell in love with them, their colour and the way they catch the light is so beautiful.  The way they are hung on the bare brick is very effective as it really brings out the colour of the stone.

Another maddening habit (for me and for you) is not writing down what things are! So I have no idea where these are from, but somehow they seem French to me, maybe it is more fun to make up a story about them.

This is my favourite one, she looks so serene, what is she thinking I wonder?

I’d love to hear your strategies for visiting museums or perhaps you want to make up a story about these characters.  I’d love to hear it if you do, leave it in the comments below.

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  1. Jennifer Tetlow
    Jennifer Tetlow04-15-2013

    I agree, the face you like best, I think is mine too – but partly as it is intact. I see them as sort of real and wonder about their lives and who they were. As for strategies – I always commit to being organised – going round in a particular order, so I see everything and start with my thumb on the guide leaflet at exhibit 1. Never achieved it! Always get side-tracked by some enticing thing – then another, even another! It always surprises me when someone I was with later says, did you see …. and I didn’t – in fact missed great sections! Always inspiring though.

    • claire

      Thanks Jennifer good to hear from you. I know what you mean about wondering who they were, must go back and find out more about them, I want there to be some mystery, or I will have to make up my own! Isn’t it part of the fun to share what you’ve seen and find out what caught other people’s attention and find out where the 2 meet.

    • Jennifer Tetlow
      Jennifer Tetlow04-17-2013

      Yes, it is! And encourages plans to visit again to see the missed bits.

  2. Ailsa (Topaz Magpie Jewellery)
    Ailsa (Topaz Magpie Jewellery)04-15-2013

    Definitely a wanderer myself – the more aimless, the better! Love the V&A too… My mum always takes a photo of the display board that goes with the item she’s photographing. I confess I thought she was mad, but reading this, maybe it makes sense?!

    • claire

      Hi Alisa, glad I’m not the only one. I think I need to get into the same habit as your Mum, I never seem to remember to do that, but it would be helpful, I get over excited by what I’m looking at and forget to make a note of it for future reference.

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