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Corinthia Hotel

I have blogged about the commission I did for the Corinthia Hotel before it  but didn’t have any really good images of the piece installed.  Well now I have, I got a really great photographer Rosario, you can see more of her work here, to take the photos.

We went along early one morning to the Corinthia to take the photos.  It’s quite a challenging site and the light is quite difficult and it’s a working hotel, and we had to be very discreet so as not to disturb the guests.

Here are the images, I’m very happy with them, it’s a very beautiful location to have a piece of work and the people that worked there were really helpful and very charming.

© Claire Brewster 2011


© Claire Brewster 2011


© Claire Brewster



© Claire Brewster


© Claire Brewster


© Claire Brewster – I love the way the  shadows look in this photo, the birds look like they are on stilts.
© Claire Brewster


  1. kathrynclark

    Wow, so great to see the work situated in the entire space. It works so well there! Congrats!

    • claire

      thanks Kathryn am pretty proud of it.

  2. marine

    So delicate work! Love it! Sure it works so well in the space…
    I was wondering if you use specific glass to protect you work? (I’m in paper cuts too 🙂 )

    • claire

      Hi Marine Thanks for your kind comments. This piece is in perspex boxes, but I usually use UVA glass.

    • marine

      Thanks for your answer Claire.
      Looking forward to seeing your next commision!

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