The Art of Mapping – installation shots

The Art of Mapping Exhibition is now over but I thought i would share some photos of me installing my piece of work.

The birds waiting…

I start by sticking the birds up with blu tack, to work out the right arrangement

Once I am happy with the arrangement, I can then start pining

Which can be quite tricky, especially if the birds are up high

The main thing is to avoid ripping the birds.

And here they are all pinned.

I took the photos before the lighting had been sorted

But I had been at the gallery for 6 hours and felt the need to go home

  1. Kathryn

    It looks wonderful, Claire! I love how they wrap around the walls and the way the shadows are cast along the curves.

  2. Kitty Kilian
    Kitty Kilian11-30-2011

    And the amount of work that goes into cutting them and hanging them! you must be a very patient woman… I love the pinkish, earthish colourscheme!

  3. onírica

    nice work!!
    having fun 😉

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