Sneak a Peak – Corinthia Hotel

I finally got to visit the Corinthia Hotel this weekend to see my work installed there.  I was very excited and nervous to finally see it.  I took the BF along for moral support. I needn’t have been nervous though it looked great. 

It was quite hard to photograph as the space is very light, but you can get an idea of the scale.  The people at the hotel were so lovely and we even got a mini tour the hotel.  It is a truly amazing place, really 5 star in every way, the rooms we saw were beautiful and seriously luxurious.  We had drinks in the bar afterwards which were delicious.

  1. Jen Appel
    Jen Appel05-08-2011

    Um, WOW! They look amazing there. It’s like the perfect little spot for them. Love the scale.

  2. Chantal

    Agree with all that Jen said! Perfect!!

  3. kathrynclark

    What a great installation, Claire! They look fantastic as a contrast to the grid.

  4. Kitty Kilian
    Kitty Kilian05-09-2011

    Claire, that looks ab fab! it will make a great conversation piece too! Congratulations!

  5. Ellen

    Oh Claire, This is amazing! Congratulations on rocketing!

  6. claire

    Thanks guys 🙂 it was a great moment to see it for the first time.

  7. Alistair

    That is totally wonderful! So impressed. You must give yourself a very big pat on the back!

    We must reserve the sofa and go for drinks.

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